Audit Management Software

A digital platform for users to perform paperless audits with ease. Manage risks through our audit management software and automated audit tools.

Companies already delivering quality audits using digital audit platform

Digital audit solution for audit firms

Perform financial audit and review records using AuditorsDesk. A cloud based e-auditing software to assist audit firms and audit teams. Conduct more efficient end-to-end audits by using audit automation.

Our Prominent Users

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Compliant with NFRA

Are you ready for the NFRA peer review?

Get started with AuditorsDesk and be compliant with the standards and recommendations of NFRA towards audit procedure. 


Extensive manual work in auditing makes it time-consuming & tedious. Audit firms try to keep up a proper auditing process while justifying compliance with audit risk & process control. Still, sometimes they are not able to deliver high-quality audits within the regulations of ICAI guidelines and IND-AS.


AuditorsDesk solves the audit risk & compliance issues faced by auditors. It creates a digital workspace, that helps firms to produce paperless audits. Using our audit management software one can lead to smarter business insights. Make more effective and data-driven decision-making.

Why Should You Choose AuditorsDesk?

We have designed the software to help you lower the risk. Track your reports and manage your documents with just a few clicks.

Customize as per firm's methods

Every client is different, and every firm has different methods. AuditorsDesk helps you customize and redesign your audit plans. It can be tailored as your firm's procedure and requirements.

Digital audit tools for your team

We give you tons of audit tools to work with. From an inbuilt client request tracker, trial balance import to templates. With AuditorsDesk, we try to assist you in managing your workflow better.

Online document management

Teams can access files from any place and at any moment. There will be no hassle of duplicate files or losing your work papers. You can manage your documents in a systematic way.

Tools That Help You Improve The Quality And Efficiency Of Audits

Some of our digital audit tools that can help you plan & execute audits with enhanced data security through 256-bit TLS encryption.

audit management tool-AuditorsDesk
  • Standardize any type of audit
  • Improve overall performance and add engagement economics
  • Strengthen data security
  • Eliminate human error
  • Generate visual statistics and report faster
document management tool-Auditorsdesk

Document Management Tool

  • Draft a compiled client document request list
  • Centralized storage of all client documents received
  • Avoid any duplicate and redundant client requests
  • Keep a track of client response time with the use of the request date feature
  • Better client communication and collaboration
sampling tool-AuditorsDesk

Sampling Tool

  • Say no to the biased sampling method
  • Use an automated sampling tool and save time
  • Design your own sampling methods for consistency across all audits
  • Automated and transparent sample selection method
Journal Entry Tool | AuditorsDesk

Journal entry testing tool

  • Detect misstatements
  • Test the appropriateness of journal entries made
  • Review reports that identify significant risks
  • Journal Entry data analytics
Confirmation Tool

Confirmation Tool

  • Use our centralised digital platform to track all your confirmations
  • Receive real-time confirmations on outstanding balances
  • Use our confirmation templates to assist you to streamline the process

Explore The
Audit Technology

Obtain and analyse the data from your client sources on a digitally driven platform. The latest wave of audit technology introduces the smart tools for auditors that can manage the audit procedure smoothly. AuditorsDesk is a software for chartered accountant or auditors that will simplify the work of auditing with the advance digital audit tools.


We have put all the tools that you would need inside our audit management software.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Track all aspects of an audit with a quick dashboard review and real-time updates.

  • Templates

    Use our suggestive templates for Confirmation, Planning and Reporting. Ensure consistent audit quality.

  • Online Collaboration with clients

    Now all your client supports are requested, delivered and saved at one place. Make yourself more efficient and on top of client request.

  • Cloud-based with Unlimited Storage

    Your data is dramatically more accessible and secure than with local storage.

  • Digital Trial Balance Upload

    Digital trial balance upload lays the patch for digital audit. You can integrate it with Tally and Quickbooks.

  • Online Document Management

    Manage all your audit work papers based on audit sections, timing and team members.

Digital audit platform-AuditorsDesk

Digital Platform

Audit process

We Understand Audit

AuditorsDesk delivers insightful interfaces, simple to use, no contracts, and a robust feature setting. It is geared towards making audit procedure more efficient. Auditors can focus on the areas with high risk and importance.

Audits are time-consuming and tedious, but digital audit software does not need to be. Your firm will hit the ground running with our insightful interface in a few minutes after sign up. Pay for what you use, and choose from a ton of audit tools that can help your firm to be more efficient and grow.

Data security with Auditorsdesk


Every transaction is protected with Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Your data and files are significantly more secure with AuditorsDesk than when they are stored on local hard drives and laptops.

  • 256-bit TLS encryption.
  • Complete backups overnight.
  • Built on the industry-leading Web Services platform.

Supreme Resilience Safety and Clarity

  • Our cloud-based platform provides access at any place and any time.
  • Real-time updates provide up-to-date audit status at a glance.
  • Keeps your data safe, accessible, and backed up.

Your audit software should have the flexibility to adapt with you, So you do not have to work according to the software instead focus on things that matter.

Struggling with finding the most optimal internal audit software or statutory audit software for chartered accountants? Start your free trial of AuditorsDesk and get all the components you need, including Web Access, Data Visualization, Task Manager, Streamlined Dashboard, Cloud Storage, Data Security and much more.
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Lower the risk, track your reports and manage your documents with just a few clicks.
Tejasvi Kapoor Chartered Accountant

The ease at which you can navigate across the various audit tasks is just amazing. I was able to streamline my audit workflow and manage all the confidential documents from a centralised platform. The system overall is very simple yet powerful.

Shweta Kumar Chartered Accountant

The functionality of the AuditorsDesk is so intuitive and user friendly. It is a great audit management software with tons of features that has helped me to conduct high quality audits. I would totally recommend this software.

Mohit Sharma Chartered Accountant

Impeccable is the word that sums up the AuditorsDesk audit management software, from utmost security to synchronised dashboard everything is great about this software. It has made my audit team more efficient.

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