Simplest ways to meet your client’s expectations

In the current scenario, expectations of client, employees and stakeholder are changing rapidly. Auditing and accounting industry is also under the purview of this evolutionary change. With time, as we have been seeing and following the advanced patterns of technology in our personal lives, we have experienced that now our clients have also changed there working pattern, this change can gradually result in the change in its expectations from auditors and accountants; for how we plan to supervise this change is mind set and evolving client expectations?

Also, with the ongoing trend of Work-From-Home, requirements for consultants and contributors to business have increased. Considering the rising demand practicing charted accountants, first of all, we need to understand the requirement of certain characteristics in the way the CA looks at the client, its demands, and market trends, which are as follows: –

  1.  Awareness– The accountants or CAs need to have a thorough understanding of who their client is and what are its major requirements that are supposed to be fulfilled, in the first place. A good understanding of & what can help generate and develop better output at a convenient pace.
  2.  Imagination– The fast-paced world has no time to give long report pages a suffice read, hence if we provide our client with the data and result in a creative and imaginative format, which is simpler enough to understand, would be a great boon for both the client as well as the company. This imaginative data can be provided by
    maintaining design-led thinking which incorporates content analysis, solution generation, and creative thinking by keeping in mind and staying updated with the latest technological and technical standards and advances, respectively.
  3. Perseverance– To understand the client and its requirements better, it is important to pay special heed to how would you leverage its impediments with new technical advancements instead of the age-old methods required to convert expectations to reality.


Numerous researches have shown the same pattern of expectations where most of the companies/clients want for an all-rounded and consultative service. They are seen to be expecting more friendly relations with their audit teams who also understand Internal software as well as the cloud accounting software. Considering the Digital era, where almost every business has driven itself to the online media, we see the requirement for a professional and experienced Digital Audit advisor and manager is prevalent. In a report published by the International Federation of Accountants, it was found that nearly 93% of small business owners want their accountants as business advisors. It means many of the businesses want the latter to look into the company’s financial matters and manage the same by turning into their strategic advisors as well. There are a lot of ways in which a client’s expectations can be fulfilled and exceeded by the accountant, but the most prominent ones are discussed below.

  • State Viewpoints– The CAs, today, are expected to be open about their personal opinions that could prove to be an asset for the firm/organization/client. Expressing the opinions in a clear-cut language is always a great perk for both the parties, the client as well as the accountant because then, there remains no communication gap and/or unsaid differences and grudges in any of the parties involved. Rather, it is a great way to encourage a smooth flow of information or data and the management of finances and expenses of the company in the long run.
  •  Regular inspection and scrutiny of recommendations served- CAs or accountants are the most trusted and reliable organ of any organization. They are always backed on with the finance-related bits of advice and movements of its clients. Accountants are trusted for providing suggestions for improving the policies and procedures for risk management activities and profitability that could be deduced from the
    investments; for this they are believed to give a check upon all the advice and changes they try and build in the organization.
  • Considering the New– CAs are believed to stay up-to-date with the latest reforms in technology and technical advancements. They are entrusted to imply and go with ‘what’s new?’ in the market which can vary from audit software to the best accounting software. They are expected to use the newest software which promises the fulfillment of many demands in one go and come with exciting features. It is believed that one who is more updated is the one who is more aware and thus, is better for the organization.
  • Industry experts– Rare is the case, where clients are ready to go with the newbies in the industry. Almost every individual/company/client yearns for a master of the department. This happens because industry experts are believed to be more updated, thorough, and experienced of the working of audit and are more aware of the software where cloud computing should be encouraged. The newbies are believed to be unable to overdo the ones that are already there since ages, but there’s always that one chance where they can try and prove themselves of being aware enough and educated with new technologies and audit software.
  • Pace with technology– The client’s expectations can be exceeded effortlessly by staying in touch with the fresh technical advancements. These advanced learning can be learned by regularly reading reports, attending seminars, and holding regular talking sessions with the client (so that you two don’t build up a communication gap). Moreover, by this, one can always tell about the service and features of technology that can leverage casual results.
  • Remote availability– Since work from home is trending, many of the businesses have developed themselves into a 24×7 feature, where they are always working whenever and wherever required. The client widely appreciates the availability of its accountant as and when needed, especially in those unprecedented times where two people cannot always see each other (in person) but can always catch up (in virtual mode.)
  • By following representative costs– The longingness of the client to have a subtle and stress-free finance and risk management of all the costs and investments involved, while taking care of their regular following of the expenses of employees and management of accounts by the accountants, can help crack big and new deals. With cloud accounting technology, any legal solution can be provided and updated in real-time as the change happens.
  • Revising internal audit systems to address changing risks- There are tons of risks involved in a business when it comes to investments and expenses of the employees. Those risks are often regulated and related with the internal audit system of the company. By revising these internal environments, the accountant can address the changes associated with and required for the new standards.
  • Updating the existing policies- Existing policies and procedures when updated by the accountant often brings into highlight the changes necessary. These reformed policies and procedures introduce the client to the latest advancements and help meet the yearnings of better results and finance management.

Besides the aforementioned ways to stand up to the expectations of your client, briefing the latter about accompanied risks and issues related to the management and implementation of new standards play a vital role in enhancing your relations and a better understanding and awareness of the client’s requirements. By keeping away from the reputation risks of control and shortcomings in inward control, and creating genuine values, one can provide its clients with huge successes with minimal financing errors in the Digital Audit.

As a result, it can be best to taking advantage of Digital audit tools and understand Internal audit management are vital for coming up with ideas for meeting the change- in requirements of a client, as the time passes. The contemporary world of finances and management asks the accountant not to be restricted towards a specific department, but, encourage and take an active part in various other requirements of the firm that deal with finances, investments, and policies and procedures.

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