Pretty much all the features you could ask for in a centralized platform.

Manage Audit Risk

Identify risk areas and help your team to utilise its time efficiently.

Real-Time Tracking

Track all aspects of an audit with a quick dashboard review and real-time updates.

Rollforward yourAudits

Rollforward audits seamlessly from year to year, while handling updates to new standards.

Microsoft Excel & Word Add-ins

Upload any type of workpaper, Excel, word, txt, png, PDF.


Use our suggestive templates for confirmation, Planning, Reporting and ensuring consistent quality

User Management

Easily set custom permissions and settings on a user-to-user basis.

Online Collaboration with clients

Now all your client supports are requested , delivered and saved at one place and make you more efficient and on top of client request.

Online Document Management

Manage all your audit workpapers based on audit sections, timing and team members

Audit Procedures

Take advantage of our Audit programs and planning documents for specific audits, reviews and compilations. Save coaching and learning time and improve your audit Quality.

Digital Trial Balance Upload

Digital uploading trial balance lays the patch for Digital audit , you can also integrate with Tally.

Cloud-based with Unlimited Storage

Your data is dramatically more accessible and secure than with local storage.

Diagnostic and Freeze audit engagement

Ensure that all procedures have been completed and signed off and there are no open areas when you freeze your file.

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