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Our Audit Automation tools manages your audit planning. Ensures compliance management and risk assessment in audits. It offers cloud based storage with end-to-end encryption. Use templates to carry out standard audit on regular basis.

Audit Automation Tools | AuditorsDesk

Audit Management Tool

Streamline your audit process with our audit management tool.

  • Standardize your audit process
  • Improve audit quality
  • Enhance data security
  • Eliminate human error
  • Generate visual statistics
audit management tool-AuditorsDesk
document management tool-AuditorsDesk

Document Management Tool

Process, Capture & Track all your documents in a single tool. 

  • Compiled client document list
  • Centralized storage of all documents received
  • Avoid any duplication of requests
  • Track all your client response

Sampling Tool

Create samples for your audit with full transparency. 

  • Unbiased sampling techniques
  • Automated sampling tool
  • Custom sampling methods
  • Transparent sample selection process
  • AI based sample selection
sampling tool-AuditorsDesk
Confirmation Tool | Auditorsdesk

Confirmation Tool

Send and receive all confirmations from a centralized platform.

  • Send all your confirmations (Bank, Legal AR/AP, Revenue, and more)
  • Real-time confirmation on outstanding balances
  • Choose from a wide variety of confirmation templates
  • Minimize the cost of obtaining confirmation

Transaction testing Tool

Test, Review & Analyze bulk accounting data with ease.

  • Detect accounting errors
  • Validation of journal entries
  • Identify high risk accounting entries
  • Set custom criteria to test data dump
  • Check completeness & accuracy of data
Transaction Testing Tool | AuditorsDesk

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