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Leverage technology to stay compliant with our audit management tool. Track, manage and monitor all the changes in auditing environment. Deliver quality audits as per highest NFRA and ICAI standards.

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Introducing a smart, simplified and easy to use audit software. Boost the operational efficiency of audit firms and ensures high quality audits. Streamline data capture and attach live evidence from the field.

AuditorsDesk offers tons of advance audit tools to replace traditional methods of auditing and take it towards a digital platform. The conventional methods of conducting audits are neither efficient nor compliance friendly. That's where AuditorsDesk can help you go paperless and perform more efficient and high quality audits while staying in compliance as per NFRA and ICAI auditing guidelines.

AuditorsDesk audit management tools can be seamlessly integrated with your current accounting applications such as SAP, oracle, tally etc. Spend less time on switching applications because everything is just one click away. Deliver best client services and provide high quality audits by integrating with the right technology for your audit firm.
Auditing environment is rapidly changing and delivering high quality audits is dependent upon how a chartered accountant manages their engagement audit risk. Now you can leverage digital audit tools to identify risk areas and help your team to focus on critical areas of audit. AuditorsDesk is designed to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations such as NFRA and ICAI audit guidelines. Audit teams can use analytical tools and the existing client data to avoid potential audit deficiency.

Audit firms have struggled with keeping up & drafting high quality audit templates. A template should follow current dynamic audit guidelines. Our team of chartered accountants as AuditorsDesk ensure that you get the most updated and recent templates. We inclined it towards the latest audit guidelines. Teams can choose & modify from the diverse set of templates. Templates are available for every stage of the audit lifecycle. Our audit templates enable you to ask the right questions & highlight areas that need high level of attention.


Allocate audit procedure, steps and checklists to the assigned audit team members. Create duty of work within the team. Work allocation allows you to track staff's performance. Monitor the progress of every audit team member. With a work allocation tool you can optimize workload for a particular audit team by assigning timelines. Help team members in better planning in their work and achieve higher efficiency.

Execute audits with enhanced data security through 256-bit TLS encryption. It is a data/file encryption technique that uses a 256-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data. It is one of the most secure encryption methods. TLS used in most modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies. Including AES and SSL. All the data conveyed between browsers and websites are encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Even extremely sensitive financial data of the government, or any other special departments, prefer AES-256-bit encryption methods.

One of the most important aspects of security is data backup or recovery. A complete backup runs overnight to ensure that there is no loss of data. It allows data to be restored from an earlier point in time to help the auditors recover from an event. It will protect against hard drive failures. Moreover, whenever the data is backed up, it will allow a cloud storage option to auditors. The cloud storage can be accessed at any time and any place.


To provide the protection to the interest of public investors, creditors and others associated with the companies or the body corporate, the NFRA was formed created by the government of India. The NFRA established high quality standards of accounting and auditing. It exercised effective oversight of accounting functions performed. Be it by the companies or the body corporate. NFRA oversights the auditing functions performed by the auditors as well.

Tally is a widely used ERP accounting software in India. It is used to record day-to-day data of a company. Tally manages your accounting, billing, inventory, GST and other business needs. Tally’s main product is enterprise resource planning and accounting software. It is also known as Tally ERP 9. It is one of the most used financial accounting software in India. Manual calculations are time-consuming; that's why all the businesses use Tally. It ensures accuracy in business management. Integrate Tally with AuditorsDesk and access easy backup upload. Stay up-to-date with the latest technology.


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A simple yet refined solution that helps to conduct step by step audit. One can review trial balance and draft audit opinion. The advanced audit tools provide auditors better control. Improve the planning and execution of audits. Ensure every process is operating with utmost efficiency. Align audits with current guidelines.

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