SOX Compliance

Helps in verifying the financial statements of the company and the steps involved in creating them. It also helps in comparing past statements with those of the current year.

Integrate the SOX Compliance requirement

AuditorsDesk releases the burden of SOX Compliance by automating the whole process right from controlling to designing, testing and monitoring.

Risk Assessment

Having a proper plan and keeping an eye on your Sox efforts can reduce the risk this can be done by seamlessly mapping the financial accounts to the entities and processes in our audit management software. With AuditorsDesk, auditors can perform risk assessment on all the audit areas considered significant in order to be able to develop an appropriate audit approach and procedures for that area.

Risk Assessment-AuditorsDesk
Control Testing Reports-AuditorsDesk

Upgraded And Efficient Control Testing

Testing methods include continuous evaluation and observation of transactions. With AuditorsDesk you can create test reports and assign them accordingly to the test owners. keep a track of collected test samples and attach the test reports on a centralised platform. Document and Follow Up on Identified Issues and eliminate duplication to ensure efficiency.

Fraud Prevention

Suspicious activities that indicate fraud will be easier to detect for the user with the help of audit automation tools. In order to stop malpractices, companies should adopt a specific code of conduct for audit reports. Auditorsdesk takes ICAI and NFRA guidelines into account in order to produce ethical audits.

Fraud Prevention-AuditorsDesk
User Management-AuditorsDesk

User Management

Easily set custom permissions and settings on a user-to-user basis, Customizable permissions allow collaborators to see only the information which is most relevant to them. Make requests and reminders automated for stakeholders to complete their SOX responsibilities.

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