Statutory Audit

Increase the authenticity of the financial reports, minimise the audit risk, get better chances of being compliant, stay into the consideration with NFRA guidelines, stand out in peer reviews without failing, and reduce the instances of fraud in an organisation.

How will AuditorsDesk help in statutory audit?

With the help of our advanced audit tools, one can automate various tasks related to inspection and documentation of the compliances, standards, and procedures. It can be integrated in such a manner that audit experience could become easier and the documentation can be retrieved seamlessly with high level of compliance and audit quality.

Effective Audit Planning

Planning of audit is one of the most important steps to begin with and AuditorsDesk can make your audit plans more efficient by assisting you in rectifying the current or upcoming errors. Since NFRA has come into the picture, certain guidelines have been set, upon which audit planning is executed. AuditorsDesk aligns those guidelines and leads auditors to conduct high quality audits.

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Manage Audit Risk | AuditorsDesk

Manage Audit Risk

Analyse the risk involved in the management while performing statutory audit and Prevent the loss of financial resources for smooth functioning of the organisation. AuditorsDesk helps to ensure that audits are performed up to the mark, and all the risk areas are identified to minimise the chance of giving an inappropriate audit opinion, and audits conducted in accordance with ICAI.

Statutory Audit Procedures

Take advantage of our Audit tools and planning documents for specific audits, reviews and compilations and save time while delivering a quality audit to your customers. Use a centralised platform to get the accurate representation of the financial situation by examining the information and executing the steps of statutory audit.

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Real Time Audit Tracking-AuditorsDesk

Real time Audit Tracking

With the help of a well designed and powerful dashboard of our audit management software, users can get the real time updates and can review all aspects of audit reports. Get a user-friendly interface that allows you to capture and manage audit findings and communicate corrective actions effectively.

Online collaboration with clients

Work together with your clients with greater flexibility and transparency, reduce time by putting minimal efforts in delivering and saving your audit documents. Improve the overall efficiency of your audit procedure.

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