Recent Auditor Resignations in India: Unraveling the Reasons Behind

Auditor resignations in India have been making headlines in recent times, raising concerns about the integrity and transparency of financial reporting. Several high-profile cases have come to light, where auditors of prominent companies have stepped down, leaving investors and stakeholders questioning the reasons behind these sudden departures. In this blog, we will delve into some of the notable auditor resignations in India and explore the underlying factors that led to these decisions.

1. Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd (IL&FS):

– In 2018, IL&FS, a major infrastructure development and finance company, witnessed a series of auditor resignations.

– The auditors cited concerns over inadequate disclosures, questionable transactions, and corporate governance issues.

– This event highlighted the importance of robust corporate governance practices and the role of auditors in ensuring transparency.

2. Yes Bank:

– Yes Bank, one of India’s prominent private sector banks, witnessed a significant auditor resignation in 2020.

– The statutory auditor resigned after raising concerns about the bank’s failure to report certain bad loans and non-compliance with accounting norms.

– This incident further emphasized the need for auditors to maintain their independence and uphold professional ethics.

3. Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd (DHFL):

– DHFL, a leading housing finance company, faced a major crisis in 2019 when its auditors resigned en masse.

– The auditors expressed concerns over the authenticity of certain transactions and inadequate cooperation from the company’s management.

– This incident highlighted the challenges auditors face when dealing with complex financial structures and the importance of open communication with management.

4. Manpasand Beverages:

– Manpasand Beverages, a popular fruit juice manufacturer, witnessed auditor resignations in 2018.

– The auditors resigned amidst allegations of tax evasion and non-disclosure of key information.

– This case shed light on the need for auditors to thoroughly scrutinize financial statements and exercise due diligence.

5. Shah Dhandharia & Co.

This Ahmedabad-based chartered accountancy firm resigned as the statutory auditor of Adani Total Gas Ltd on May 2, 2023. The firm cited “professional pre-occupation” as the reason for its resignation.

6. BB & Associates

This Mumbai-based chartered accountancy firm resigned as the statutory auditor of Hyperpure Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Zomato, on June 8, 2023. The firm cited “various factors” as the reason for its resignation.

7. SRBC & Co.

This Kolkata-based chartered accountancy firm resigned as the statutory auditor of IL&FS on June 13, 2023. The firm cited “regulatory requirements” as the reason for its resignation.

Implications of Auditor Resignations:

– Auditor resignations can erode investor confidence and raise doubts about the financial health of the companies involved.

– They underscore the need for stronger regulatory oversight and stricter enforcement of auditing standards.

– The role of auditors in maintaining independence, conducting thorough audits, and reporting irregularities becomes crucial for ensuring trust in financial reporting.

Recent auditor resignations in India have brought to the forefront the challenges faced by auditors and the importance of their role in upholding financial integrity. It is essential for companies to maintain strong corporate governance practices and foster an environment of open communication with auditors. Regulatory bodies need to strengthen oversight to ensure auditors can perform their duties independently and without fear of repercussions. By addressing these issues, India can enhance investor confidence, foster transparency, and promote a healthy business environment.

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