Sandip Asopa

Associate Partner (East)
You can either live logically or magically – it’s your choice   

Sandip is a seasoned Chartered Accountant with an experience of around 17 years in the fields of Taxation, Audit External, Internal Auditing, Accounting, Project management, Project Funding and Compliance Management. He possesses exceptional client-facing and networking skills. He is a dynamic strategist and a leader with expertise in Financial Engineering, Statutory Compliances and Audit and Client Management. His proficiency extends to planning, leadership, coordination, and control. With a focus on team building and market identification, Sandip excels in network marketing and customer management. His philosophy resonates with the belief that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” embodying a proactive mindset in both personal and professional endeavours.



Role at AuditorsDesk

Associate Partner (East)


17 Years


Socialising, Travelling


Movies, Politics, Equity Research

Favourite Reads

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