Utsav Saini

You can either live logically or magically – it’s your choice   

Utsav Saini is an Electronics & Communication Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in Technical Support/Sales for clients. He has also managed many government projects and worked in association with names like Google, Dell International, IIT and CTS.

As a graduate from Himachal Pradesh University and a national level athlete, he is remarkably disciplined and holds expertise in handling his clients, B2B & B2C Tech Sales, Implementation & Onboarding, Technical Support. He is a quick learner and has great digital marketing skills, especially in Google Ads & Analytics. Moreover, his team management and customer service skills have efficiently helped him in Handling and guiding Onboarding & Support Team and Conducting demo and preliminary introduction about the platform for CA firms.

As an active athlete, he finds his interests in travelling, playing sports like Football, Snooker and Cricket. Moreover, he also enjoys reading philosophical books like Inner Engineering & Eleven Minutes.


B. Tech, Ex Google

Role at AuditorsDesk



10 Years


Travelling, Reading


Movies, Technologies, Sports (Football,Snooker,Cricket)

Favourite Reads

A transformative guide to self-realization and inner growth by Sadhguru, offering a holistic approach to well-being through yoga, meditation, and insightful teachings, enabling ….

A captivating novel by Paulo Coelho that delves into the complex world of love, desire, and sexuality through the journey of a young woman exploring her sexuality, ….